Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yi 1428: Lindsey Jean 5: necessary change in status quo

Legge: The first line, magnetic, shows its subject seeking by her sincerity to win the attachment of her object. There will be no error. Let the breast be full of sincerity as an earthenware vessel is of its contents, and it will in the end bring other advantages.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Hold to him in truth and loyalty; this is without blame. Truth, like a full earthen bowl: thus in the end good fortune comes from without.
Blofeld: Where there is confidence, the work of unification is carried on faultlessly, for confidence is like a flowing bowl. There is a windfall yet to come.
Liu: Union with confidence. No blame. Full of confidence, like a bowl full of water. Good fortune in the end.
Ritsema/Karcher: Possessing conformity, Grouping it. Without fault.
Possessing conformity , overfilling the jar. Completing coming possesses more significance.[Possessing conformity: "Inner and outer are in accord; confidence of the spirits has been captured..."]
Shaughnessy: There is a return. Ally with him; there is no trouble. There is a return; fill the earthenware; when winter comes perhaps it will be harmful; auspicious.
Cleary (1): When there is truthfulness, accord is impeccable. When there is truthfulness filling a plain vessel, ultimately there will come other blessings.
Cleary (2): When there is truthfulness, accord with it is blameless. When there is truthfulness filling a plain vessel, when the end comes there is good fortune.
Wu: Having confidence in the person to whom support is given is without fault. Confidence can grow to fill one’s heart like water gradually filling empty earthenware. Eventually others may join to give their support. There will be good fortune.
Confucius/Legge: From seeking union there will be other advantages. Wilhelm/Baynes: Encounters good fortune from another quarter. Blofeld: Indicates unexpected good fortune. Ritsema/Karcher: Possessing more significance indeed. Cleary (2): The first yin of accord has other good fortune. Wu: There will be good fortune when others join to give support.
Legge: The earthenware vessel describes the plain, unadorned character of the sincerity called for. The other advantages are all the benefits that result from sincerity and union, which are themselves good.
Siu: At the outset, the man is filled with sincerity in his associations with others. He resembles an unadorned bowl which is full.
Wing: An honest, unaffected attitude is an excellent basis for forming associations. With such an attitude you can be confident that others will be attracted to you. Unexpected good luck is indicated here.
Editor: Note the idea of humble containment -- one collects the disparate elements of the situation together in a plain clay bowl. Metaphorically, this suggests that the simplest, most elementary approach to the problem is the correct one. The line can refer to mental comprehension ("holding together"), involving basic principles, unvarnished truth, etc.
Thus the individual psyche is an indefinite formation of unknown or largely unknown constitution and extent. If it is to be consolidated -- individuated, to use the technical term -- it is necessary first of all to determine its boundaries. Then all that belongs to the psyche must be brought within these boundaries. Finally, a center must be established that can control the functioning of the whole structure. M.E. Harding --Psychic Energy
A. Sincere devotion to the Work brings eventual reward: "Modesty is the best policy."
B. "Seek, and ye shall find."

this is all a little on the loud side.

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