Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Yi 1421: Annamarie 101: my movie money

call me optimistic.

or delusional.

or whatever you want.

Legge: The sixth line, dynamic, shows its subject retiring in a noble way. It will be advantageous in every respect.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Cheerful retreat. Everything serves to further.
Blofeld: A "sleek" withdrawal -- everything is favorable! [The Chinese commentators suggest that this means going to live in retirement. They add that the phrase also implies excellent health.]
Liu: Retreat after success. Everything is favorable.
Ritsema/Karcher: Rich Retiring, without not Harvesting.
Shaughnessy: Fattened wielding; there is nothing not beneficial.
Cleary (1): Rich withdrawal is wholly beneficial.
Cleary (2): Withdrawal of the rich is beneficial to all.
Wu: Retreat at his leisure is never disadvantageous. 

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