Saturday, June 24, 2017

tweet: @ sally loo's in SLO


tuna melt, again.

king harbor ipa, again.

sunny skies, again.

tried on the train up to see the next scene in Boots, from them having gotten off the gondola at the top of ski apache and asking someone to use each of their phones to take pictures of them with the big view (to white sands) behind them.

carson suggests a hike and then lunch back at the top-of-the-mountain yurt.

i think it'll be in the casino in mescalero, tom at the slots, winning.

top of the mountain dining reminds me of a glorious-view lunch one day skiing kicking horse many years ago.

i think i need more paint for this sequence, and a shade of a color that has yet to occur to me.

will get this done tomorrow.

yes, i talk to myself out loud, too, with increasing frequency.

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