Friday, June 30, 2017

TV detective1: talkinamyself

What I keep seeing is a drone's "eye" view of this guy driving a sports coupe from, say, PCH, through Laguna to the canyon, out to Santiago to Silverado, making the turn toward home.

He knows how to drive his car and now we're in it with him through the leafy twists and turns.

An old 911, early- to mid-seventies model.

He arrives home to a woman. Previously she'd been naked in the pool. Not so sure now. For whatever reason "sister" (his) occurs to me, and he'd sort of tending to her somehow.

To be pondered and determined.

He's from Orange County. One unique trait that aids his detective work is that his brain was affected somehow by a near-drowning via surfing. He sees things, hears things, his antennae have been shifted. He has precognitive dreams. Definitely a little "out of the box" where the work is concerned.

Yes, it's his sister. And something not so pleasant happened to their parents to erase them from the planet. 

I see him in a Hawaiian shirt when first we meet him. And jeans and sandals and ballcap.

Sis is in a wheelchair, though not all the time, and was injured in whatever incident took their parents. Perhaps an incident he - I want to Steve, for now -is still trying to solve.

They have cats and dogs (that stay in at night due to them living in coyote country).

I've been visited by this opening scene so many times, and more frequently lately, might as well write it down, see where it goes.

Probably recurring images of the surfing accident, not all of which he recalls clearly, still.

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