Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yi 1432: The Big Screw (dream) revisited

Or: a couple's copious Coupling.

The dream: We woke up pretty much simultaneously, both groggy, to bright sunlight, in a house.

I remember odds and ends about indicating a probably wild night that had preceded the glare of the morning.

Neither of us had pants on. We were a few feet away from each other, waking, then staring at each other.

I noticed a big - as in cartoon screw - on the floor nearby. The floor, as I recall, was dirt, earth(en).

And near the tip of the huge screw was a spot in the floor/earth where it had scratched the surface. Screwing had happened.

None of this is rocket science, as far as interpretation, though I don't know what could bring such a scenario about. (Though, all things considered, it seems at least within the realm of the possible.)

At any rate.

like the screw of all screws.


note all lines changing (big) and the picture of Yin meeting Yang. 

Editor: If all of the lines of The Dynamic are changing, an extremely momentous situation is indicated. This and hexagram number two, The Magnetic, are the only figures in which such a configuration is commented upon; hence, these are arguably the two strongest images the oracle has to offer.
Legge: If the host of dragons thus appearing were to divest themselves of their heads, there would be good fortune.
Wilhelm/Baynes: There appears a flight of dragons without heads. Good fortune.
Blofeld: A brood of headless dragons appears; good fortune.
Ritsema/Karcher: Visualizing flocking dragons without a head. Significant.
Shaughnessy: See the flock of dragons without heads; auspicious.
Cleary(1): Having dragons appear without heads is good.
Cleary(2): Using yang, you see a group of headless dragons; this is auspicious.
Wu: There appears a group of dragons without a leader. Auspicious. [If the transformation of all the six yang (dragons) takes place together as a group without any one yang trying to lead the others, hence “without a leader,” the transformed hexagram will be The Magnetic, the pure yin hexagram. And this will be great.

Further Commentaries (from Wilhelm)
"When The Creative, the great, undergoes change in all the [lines], the world is set in order."
"When The Creative, the great, undergoes change in all the [lines], one perceives the law of heaven."
Editor: Wu’s interpretation of “head” as “leader” makes more sense than any of the other translations.
Personal Note: The very first time I ever consulted the I Ching I received The Dynamic with all changing lines. At the time I didn't understand it, and it meant nothing to me; in retrospect I see that it was a portent which has changed my entire life.

My note: The screw is in fact an overt representation of hexagram 1, the Yang element. That it has entered the earth (the "pure" Yin of hexagram 2) is so overt and over-the-top in-one's-face, it is almost possible to overlook, as I had until now.



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