Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Richmond 3

Richmond and the swimmer having sex.

At least that's what it sounds like and sure looks like in the shadow form their conjoined activity on a couch casts upon a wall, magnified.

Dinner on the patio. How his two days in Honolulu went. Reference business. She's got to go back to work. To the cold of Toronto. (She - okay, Nicolette - is in advertising; Richmond is in fact a hero of hers, of sorts, re: a couple particular ads he "created.")

She fishes a little for what he'll be up to but an astute and interested person might sense some evasiveness re: specifics. He'll be in Maine in July.

Doing what?

I have a home there.



Summer home?


She drinks from her glass of wine.

Richmond's bedroom. He stands in a robe looking out toward the moon over the ocean, his back to her, sleeping in the bed.

He opens the sliding glass door, steps onto the deck, the breeze in rustling the curtain. He closes the door behind him, stares out. She sits up in bed, watches him.

to be continued...   

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