Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Richmond 1

Richmond, 60, owns residential properties in Whistler, Hawaii and Maine.

But before I continue pursuing this out-of-nowhere character:

Richmond does what for a living? Nothing. He's retired. His money makes more money.

What did he do? Built and ran an advertising agency, headquartered in Chicago, with offices in San Francisco and Boston. Still gets involved, and a check, and is famous in that world for both print and television ads. Invested wisely.

Divorced for fifteen years from the mother of their 30-year-old daughter, an architect in Albuquerque, and a two-years-younger son who drowned in a river when he was 11.

We'll meet Richmond on a flight. Landing in Honolulu. He'll take note of the walking-away of a flight attendant's dress. Looks like maybe whiskey on the rocks in the glass next to the laptop.

Richmond arrives home in a taxi. On a hill with a view to the ocean on a street of similar upscale residences. Native foliage abounds. Richmond fishes for and finds keys, enters the house.

to be continued...

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