Monday, June 5, 2017

murdering pornsters on the run 2

At Sissy's - Susan Rivers' - folks' house, Nowheresville, Utah.

Sheriff Mathews talking to one of his deputies. Two bodies under wraps on gurneys out of the house and onto transport, to be taken away.

The deputy - Brian Hollister - knows Sissy. Or knew her. Went missing at sixteen. Brian went to school with her from fourth grade.

Knows a little family history and shares some with Mathews, who's "not from here" and arrived after Susan Rivers had last been seen.

Sissy's father's room, a den of sorts, and the blood on the wall behind the chair he was stting in.

Another similar mess where Sissy's mother swallowed the barrel of the shotgun Sissy handed her after Sissy had killed her father, and pulled the trigger.

to be cont'd...

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