Monday, June 5, 2017

murdering pornsters on the run 1

Might as well start writing this up, been in my head for years. basically worked out til near the end.  

We leave L.A. after the bloodbath in Harry's handsome home in Chatsworth. Poor Harry, we barely knew ye.

Murdering pornsters on the run, headed north in a stolen car.

Victoria, Chuck, Billy and Sissy. Chuck calls Victoria "the queen."

We meet Detective Ramirez at his home, barbecuing with the family, when he hears the news.

Pornsters tending to a flat in the vast desert. Sissy agitated, pacing. Billy drugging up. Chuck dealing with the flat. Victoria considering Sissy. Chuck assures her Sissy's just nervous about meeting her parents. Victoria's not happy with the whole idea, just wants to get north, yesterday. We're not really sure where north is yet but it turns out to be Canada, the border, across which and into Chuck's got property and a house through inheritance.

Victoria's no fool, which we'll note along the way, and has vetted Chuck's property. She just wants to get there and take care of business then.

Sissy's "ready now" and on the road again.

Ramirez and his wife in bed that night. He catches her up, a little. Reference to a little league (or soccer or swimming or...) even next weekend, one of the kids. Discussion of another's starting to ask about sex. 

Ramirez and his partner. A woman. (Surprise.) I don't know her name yet. Eulene just came to me. Yulene? How do spell that? Exactly. Then riff on that sh't. So, that's her name. I don't know how she spells it. But I like her already. She's from Long Beach.

Ramirez and Eulene at the scene of the crime. Bloody gruesome mess. Slip and fall and drown? I don't think so. Eulene notes a tree-house in a neighbor's tree. "Why not," a knock on a door, and whaddaya know one of the kids has a bit of relevant video. Doh.

Eulene will need a last name.

Meet the parents. Sissy's, that is. Actually Susan but she fucking hates that name. Not so fond of the folks, either, and the visit bleeds quickly and violently and they "should probably be leaving," per Sissy's suggestion when she comes back to the idling car, gun hand. A ka-boom from the house before Victoria floors it.

Sissy is still, silent, gazing out the window.

A phone call wakes a sheriff in Utah. Receives some news. Reveal that his partner in bed is a man. Sheriff Bruce Mathews. His partner is Alex.

B: I wonder if we've finally found Susan Rivers.

A: What?

B: Nothing.

to be cont'd...

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