Tuesday, June 20, 2017

dream: learning that mine made the most money

in a room full of people of both genders, though all a mish-mash in memory, no distinct faces - and classroom-size - and I guess we all have something in common 'cause the one sort of distinct character, the man near me with the microphone, tells us all that mine ("Bob's") has made the most money.

now, I don't know what he was talking about; most money at/from what, for example, was not stated, but maybe because everyone in the room knew what the "it" of it was/is.

and I was/am darn confident "it" had to do with money from movies. my movies had, it seemed, made the most money.

or my scripts.

or something of that sort, was clear.

regardless, didn't feel like bad news at all

I recall being slightly surprised by the results.

another element was him making clear through a reference to "shoes" (and my frequent reference to them) that he followed my blog.

I made a successful attempt to get him to stop there, like I really didn't need any of the others knowing about it.



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