Sunday, June 4, 2017

boots: kerrville dining room table 1

dining room table, night.

carson, wanda and virginia 'round it. all nurse glasses of wine. a bottle of red on the table.

the ticking of the grandfather clock in a corner.

view to the kitchen.

the painting on a wall, an oil on large canvas abstract, fruit in a wooden bowl on a wooden table, with a candle on a nook in the wall in the background, it's flame bent as if by a breeze.

virginia asks carson what of she and wanda tom had told him. not much, replies carson. together twenty-something years, there was a wedding ceremony.

carson asks virginia how she and ruth met. we get the story. faculty tubing trip on the pedernales, specifics re: who taught what, thus learning it's ruth's painting on the wall.

virginia extrapolates re: ruth's long and winding road to painting and being an art professor at texas state - retired - in san marcos.

as is the one in the guest room, where carson is sleeping.

wanda chimes in that she and tom have - had - two, one of which we have seen early on, when tom and wanda arrive home from the diner and tom gets the call from virginia.

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