Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yi 1498: Carole and husband at kitchen sink dream, revisited

Because one element that is louder now than when I had it a handful of years ago is the element of their mutual obliviousness in the dynamic.

I was outside their home, which in this case was a "manufactured" home. (One hint.)

I had a view to them at their kitchen sink; one was washing, the other drying, though I don't recall who was doing which. Mundane domesticity comes to mind. Chores. I could associate to other/more, probably - like dirty dishes - but that'll suffice for now.

She noticed me - I was not exactly advertising my presence - or noticed something/someone. (But I think yes, she recognized me, as her eyes followed my path to where I considered myself out of view.

And I happen to "know" that Carole does follow me.

At any rate, she pressed her face against the window screen so as to track me.

I noticed she was utterly oblivious to his displeasure at the sink. Kind of a scowl on his face, and uttering whatever displeasure he was obviously voicing. However, he was not looking at her as he was speaking.

She is absolutely oblivious to his dissatisfaction.

And he was absolutely oblivious to me AND her attentiveness to me (getting closer to their home).

And I had a clear view through the window (what one sees through) to their domestic discord.

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