Thursday, June 15, 2017

Yi 1453: boots: late change(s): scrabble board to jigsaw puzzle

Just a note, for the record, re: the "small" things - the minute details - that can/do change in finalizing. In this case, after Tom has woken from his nap in the TV room, rodeo on, he goes to find Carson and Chloe not playing scrabble (as previously written), they are working on a jigsaw puzzle.

It's minor, barely a blip, but it's better.

"...more manageable, easier to take in and work with," exactly.

Funny thing about this one, found just now, is that I'd seen this photo before (but not as jigsaw puzzle) and had it as a screensaver for a couple days when I was considering the character of Chloe, who surfs. Anyway, I have an idea how to use this. Yay. Better.

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