Sunday, June 4, 2017

boots kerrville notes 1

We know that Carson is driving Tom's truck, with Tom's ashes, to Kerrville.

We know from Carson's chat while waiting for Tom to wake up that Tom, too, and Wanda, will be cremated when they die. We learn also in this exchange that Ruthie's ashes - some of them, anyway - will go into the Guadalupe River, outside Kerrville, where Ruthie lived with Virginia.

The approach of Tom's boot steps on the Saltillo tile of the kitchen interrupts this exposition. Carson introduces each to the other.

In DOC 2, after Tom has died, Carson tells Doc he's waiting for Doc's ashes - Chloe has flown home - to drive them to Kerrville.

Perhaps mention to Jackie about a circuitous route.  Maybe Virginia suggests a route. Highway 90. To 349. She'll email him.

Carson's bookend moment to Tom's encountering a father-son exchange at a gas station. Or mother-son?

Carson gets a call while on the road, from Chloe. He's pulled over, taking in a view, maybe. He tells her where he is, he asks how she's doing. She surfed that morning. We hear code for a spot north of SLO. Or south. How's the truck running. Chloe assures him she's feeling much better. Had a talk with Meghan (which fills in the breast cancer awareness bracelet Chloe wears). (We've learned about Meghan via Tom's inquiry re: the bracelet.) (Tom will have his own cancer story. And reference his thankfulness that Ruthie died instantly via lightning strike. Tom's dark humor about how Ruthie's ashes could take so long given the lord did most a the work already. This begs Chloe's inquiry re: Tom's faith.

A good place to have that conversation interrupted. And a good splash of color on the canvas later when Chloe mentions it to him and adds that it's "your sense of humor, dad." Carson's I reckon maybe reply. Maybe it resurfaces in DOC 3, and Doc confirms Chloe's assessment.

But back to on the road to Kerrville.

I think maybe Carson is in the Fort Davis vicinity - although Marfa works as well - when Chloe calls. He's pleasantly surprised to have reception. A storm comes up, drops of rain. Lightning over the distant buttes. Back in Tom's truck.

Carson just sits there as the rain picks up. A lightning flash. The darkening sky.

Wanda and Virginia on the bench swing between two rockers on the covered front porch of a simply handsome home with a front and back yard, like the similar homes that line the leafy street. They're talking about the weather. Wanda mentioned Carson's call from Fort Davis (having left at sunrise to allow for such meandering off the direct route) and that it was raining there. Virginia confirms the approaching storm via watching the weather channel but that there is supposed to be a window in the morning, allowing for putting the ashes into the river, and also beating the heat. Wanda's nod. Then her ears pricked up at something we don't hear, yet.

Virginia asks what's wrong? Then we heart it. The sound of the diesel that powers Tom's truck, nearing. She stands.

Virgina stands.

There's the truck, Carson at the wheel, waiting to let a car pass before turning.

Into the driveway, toward the carport, where two cars are already parked.

Sound of thunder.

The urn of Tom's ashes in Carson's lap. Tom's boots in the front passenger seat foot well.

A drop of rain.

Tom out of the truck with the urn and nothing said at the meeting at the front door on the porch. Simply Virginia holding open the screen, Wanda walking in with the urn Carson has handed her, then Carson behind her, nodding at Virginia, who nods back, then enters the house, the screen closing behind her.

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