Tuesday, June 20, 2017

boots: the gondola: basics

When we arrive at Ski Apache, we get some Native American history, and a reference to the casino they passed in Mescalero. Carson offers that perhaps they might stop by to try a slot on the way home.

Tom remarks that given his string of luck, he'd be up for droppin' a quarter or two.

(This "luck" remark comes back around later, when Chloe asks him about it, given the death of Ruth, his sister. Tom tells a little story. This will be later that night.)

Carson confesses upon arrival at the gondola station that he hadn't considered that Tom's "aversion" to flying might extend to gondola rides. Tom's hesitancy is visible in his observation of the gondolas going up and coming down the mountain.

But of course there's no way he would not do it and makes a remark along the lines of turning nervousness into excitement. In they go.

Chloe asks Tom if he's ever skied. Nope. The same question back reveals that Chloe snowboards, Carson skis, and Jackie's going to come back up in the winter for a lesson. Tom segues from Chloe's snowboarding into her surfing, which leads to talk about Hawaii and Chloe having learned there and Tom's consideration of taking a lesson at Waikiki when he and Wanda are there in November.

A pause in the conversation and the backdrop of the expansive view as they near the top. Each of them asks the liftie, after getting off the gondola, to use their phone to take a picture of them.

Sierra Blanca backdrop.

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