Tuesday, June 13, 2017

boots: carson chloe airport dialogue final

Ext. ABQ airport parking. They're walking to his car in the lot.

CHLOE: When is the funeral?

CARSON: Won't be one. Cremation.

Oh. Was Ruth married?



Yes. Sort of.


Her name is Virginia.


Together almost thirty years.

Wow. She must be devastated.

I've overheard a couple of their phone conversations. Apparently she's got company and is doing alright, all things considered.

How does he seem?

(Shrugs.) Hard to say. I'm sure he's hurting.

I wonder why he didn't fly.

Afraid to. 


Although he and his wife are flying to Hawaii in November.



I wonder why she isn't along.

She's having a cyst removed tomorrow and flying down Thursday.

Flying where?

Well, their house is in Kerrville. San Antonio's closer but you could fly into Austin.

What does he drive?

Pickup truck.

Old or new?

Older than new.

Cowboy boots?


Cowboy hat?


Big belt buckle.

Silver with a turquoise bronc rider inlaid. It's quite nice.

Carson chirps his car. The trunk opens.

No. Way.

It's a lease.

He loads her suitcase into the trunk.


Door's open.

He goes around to the driver's side. Chloe puts her backpack in the back seat, gets in the front.

Int. car.

You sold that story, didn't you?

He winks. She offers a high-five he meets. He starts the engine.

Whaddaya think? Top down?

She smiles, nods.

He lowers the top, backs out of frame.

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