Sunday, June 25, 2017

boots beats from gondola to white sands

They arrive at the gondola after having arrived at Ski Apache; we learn from Jackie, probably, some of the history of the Mescalero tribe. Tom recalls the casino they passed before coming into Ruidoso, and Carson suggests they might stop there on the way home for a play of the slots.

Tom admits to feeling a "little lucky," so sure, he'd be up for it. Later that night, when Chloe basically interviews Tom - I think she'll have a list of questions - she'll ask about how he feels lucky, given the loss of his (twin) sister. Tom tells her how/why he feels blessed. (His reference to Ruthie having died instantly, even joking about the ("already") ashes - re: cremation - moves Chloe to ask about his own plans.

We learn he, too, and Wanda, have it in their wills to be cremated.

At the gondola Carson apologizes for not realizing that Tom's "aversion" to flying might extend to riding a gondola to the top of the mountain. Tom admits it effects a little nervousness how else will he see the view. In they go.

On the ride up talk of skiing and snowboarding segues into Tom asking Chloe about her surfing. He's seen the picture in her room. (Which is how we learn that Chloe's mother took the photo and is in fact a professional photographer.) Chloe learned to surf at a young age, at Waikiki, which segues into Tom and Wanda's upcoming anniversary trip to Hawaii, and Tom's semi-serious consideration re: taking a surf lesson. Chloe is enthusiastically supportive.

All the while Jackie films. (Super-8?)

Then pause as they near the top and take in the view.

Cut to exterior gondola station, top of the mountain and them getting off and walking toward the ridge with the view that includes White Sands in the vast distance. A group of people are already there but leaving and end up taking group pictures with Tom's and Carson's and Chloe's and Tom's phones.

They turn to take in the vista.

Carson mentions there's lunch to be had in the mountain-top yurt. And toward then into the yurt they go.

SOUND of slots.

Cut to casino.

The coinage cacophony of Tom's winning - saguaros all across -  draws the attention of a tourist group that includes an old vaquero, Tom's age, who recognizes him. Their conversation, which skips into Spanish here and there, transfixes Jackie, Chloe and Carson; Jackie rolls camera.

Victor (for vaquero) (clever, eh?) worked on a ranch in Mexico with Tom once upon a very long time ago, which we learn when Tom introduces Victor to Carson, Chloe and Jackie, who stops filming. We get a hint also, via Victor's telling, of Tom's prowess as a cowboy.

Victor's group has a bus to catch to Ruidoso Downs, gotta go. A quick exchange of phone numbers between Tom and Victor, and a strong hug before Victor departs.

Tom turns to the wide-eyed silence of the group.

Carson: Small world, huh?

Tom: Tell ya what.

Tom's Spanish comes up later in that same talk with Chloe, who just finished her third year of high school Spanish. This allows Tom to ask about plans for college. Chloe lets us in on where and what her "plans are now, subject to change."

What ain't, asks Tom.

Right? agress Chloe.

Cut to White Sands at sunset.

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