Tuesday, June 27, 2017

boots beats: casino to chloe driving away

*they'll have stopped for their first selfies at the san augustin pass on the way to ski apache. at the pass, from which the sands are visible, carson will suggest stopping there on the way back. at the pass, also, the sacramento mountains, where they are headed, are pointed out.   

ski apache: gondola ride. pictures. into the yurt for lunch. sound: cah-ching.

mescalero casino.. tom winning. victor vaquero.

outside the casino, when they are leaving, tom buys a mescalero apache bead necklace from a man who has set up a stand in the parking lot, "for wanda." (who does a lot of bead work and is gonna love this.

at the car, carson asks chloe if she'd like to drive to white sands. (like, duh.) hands her the keys. he's in the front passenger seat. jackie behind chloe, tom behind carson. carson has her depress the clutch, he puts his hand on hers on the stick and guides her through the gears.

chloe adjusts the mirrors, seat and wheel position per carson's instructions re: the buttons and switches. "everybody buckled up"?

*on the way up the mountain on ski run road (nm 532), chloe'll have asked carson if the leisurely pace at which he's ascending is all the car can do. this puts a smile on carson's face and his foot a little heavier on the pedal. (later that night, when tom has come to carson to thank him, he'll ask carson who taught him to drive. carson will tell him the story about his mom and the old vw bug in a church parking lot. 

chloe drives them out of the lot and onto the highway splendidly, even a little sportily, finally finding fifth gear and cruise speed.

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