Friday, June 16, 2017

boots: meet tom's truck revisited: talkinamyself

The scene opens with Carson's garage door opening (the morning of the Ruidoso daytrip). Carson and Chloe and Tom are in the garage. Tom's truck is in the driveway.

Carson tells Tom he's going to have Jackie park in the garage and he's welcome to put his truck in, too. Tom reckons nah, ain't nobody gonna wanna take this old horse off my hands, but thank you. 

Chloe begs to differ. I think your truck's cool.

This leads to some Carson and Tom car talk - Tom's got the big diesel and such and such features - and Chloe's question as to how he came into it.

Well. And thus begins an interesting (hopefully) story about a rancher up in Sheridan.

Jackie's car appears in the distance, she arrives, Carson steers her into the garage.

Introductions and away they go in Carson's sporty eurosedan, top down.

The cat finally makes a cameo, climbing into view through a window.

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