Monday, June 19, 2017

boots: road to rui: dialogue 1

first. finally decided. destination ski apache.

a gondola ride. selfies.


So, we're with them in the car, rolling past white sands. Carson suggests a sunset visit on the way back.

Carson driving, Jackie front passenger seat.

Tom is behind Carson, next to Chloe, behind Jackie.

Top down. Jackie turns to Tom.

So Tom, are you camera shy?

Well, I reckon that'd depend on the circumstances.

Of course.

Is this somethin' that would be on youtube?

Not if you didn't want it to be. 

Is it for one a your classes? Carson mentioned you teach filmmakin' at the university.

Digital film, yes, I do. But no, this is just me recording the day.

Well, ma'am, in that case I reckon I ain't too camera shy.

Thanks. And no ma'am. Jackie, please.

Alright, Jackie. And since ya brought it up I guess I'll ask everyone the same question, 'cause my wife Wanda was hopin' I could take a picture'r two of everybody.

Well, obviously, I could hardly refuse.

CH: Cool with me. And my mom asked the same thing.  

CA: I was certainly hoping to take some.

Chloe pulls out her phone, positions it for a selfie.

CH: Hey Tom, say sassparilla.

His first smile lights his face. Chloe captures the moment. She shows him the picture of them.

TOM: Would you send me that?

Chloe nods.

CA: And me.

T: Hey Chloe.

He has his phone positioned for a selfie including Chloe. Chloe flashes a peace sign. Tom takes the picture.

T Thank you.

CH: You can reply with that one when I send you mine.

T Deal.

CH: Cool.


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