Monday, June 12, 2017

Yi 1442: bumpy weekend

Legge: The second line, magnetic, shows its subject patient and obedient. To the inferior man comporting himself so there will be good fortune. If the great man comports himself as the distress and obstructions require, he will have success.
Wilhelm/Baynes: They bear and endure; This means good fortune for inferior people. The standstill serves to help the great man to attain success.
Blofeld: Because they know how to please the authorities, fortune now favors the mean, but the Superior Man prefers to contend with the causes of stagnation in the realm. [He cares for the welfare of others more than for being in favor.]
Liu: Forbearance and obedience bring good fortune for the inferior. The superior man is stagnant. But his purpose will succeed.
Ritsema/Karcher: Enwrapping receiving. Small People significant. Great People Obstructed. Growing.
Shaughnessy: Wrapping the steamed offering: for the little man auspicious, for the great man negative; receipt.
Cleary (1): Embracing servility, the petty person is lucky; for the great person, obstruction is developmental.
Cleary (2): Embracing service, small people are lucky; great people get through obstruction.
Wu: Using flattery to please the superior will bring good fortune to the little man. The great man will find it obstruction to progress, but with patience, he will turn obstruction into pervasion.
Confucius/Legge: The great man does not allow himself to be disordered by the herd of inferior men. Wilhelm/Baynes: He does not confuse the masses. Blofeld: He does so by not entangling himself with the masses. Ritsema/ Karcher: Not disarraying the flock indeed. Cleary (2): They are not deranged by the crowd. Wu: Because he despises the company of little men.
Legge: Patience and obedience are proper for the inferior man in all circumstances. The subject of the second line is a great man, and occupies the place in the center -- if, when confronted by difficulties he cherishes the attributes of patience and obedience, he will soon have a happy issue out of the distress.
Siu: The man achieves good fortune by patience and obedience to his superior, who resolves his uncertainties. The great man, however, acts independently in meeting the challenge of the circumstances.
Wing: It is better to quietly accept Stagnation than to attempt to influence the leaders and willing victims of the situation. By remaining apart, you will not corrupt your principles. Success is indicated.
Editor: Psychologically interpreted, the ego must always be aware of two realms of power in the psyche: the differentiated complexes and the integrating principle, or Self. In unifying its components, the Self sometimes uses strategies which are beyond the comprehension of the ego. When such tactics are in effect, it is time for the ego to "bear and endure" in good faith.
Thus the Hermetic treatise of rebirth describes the stages by which in the mystical situation the astral soul is dissolved and the spiritual self generated: one by one, the demonic powers (hailing from the Zodiac) are ousted from the subject and replaced by "powers of God" descending into it by grace and with their entrance progressively "composing" the new person. The initiate, ascetically prepared, is throughout receptive rather than active. With the dissolving of the former self he passes outside and beyond himself into a different being. -- H. Jonas --The Gnostic Religion

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