Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Love Story 50: walking the dogs to drive up the mountain.

Carole has arrived, spent the first night (in Ken's guest room), asked to be woken for the morning dog walk, so Ken wakes her, has coffee ready. Out the door.

Walking the dogs, sunrise. Carole asks Ken if he plans to spend the rest of his life in Silver City. Ken has been considering the same, and asks Carole about her plans re: Seattle. She tells him she's decided to sell but doesn't know yet where she wants to move. (We already know she's nearing retirement.)

Ken says he has a "drive up the mountain" in mind after breakfast, if that's something Carol might be interested. She nods. Ken whistles the dogs back. Extends his hand to Carol, who takes it in hers. They leave.

Sound of revving engine, a gear shift changes the note.

Driving up the mountain, day. Old sports coupe top down. Ken at the wheel, Carol taking in the scenery, scarf keeping her hair down, sunglasses. Ken downshifts rounding a corner, back up two gears on the straight.

to be cont'd...

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