Monday, June 5, 2017

A Love Story 49: Carol joins a gym

After she returns home to Seattle from her long weekend in Silver City at Ken's.

We meet his bikes in the garage (and the car under a tarp) and learn that Ken rides the bike a bit. Later we meet Rory (where'd that just come from?), his friend and riding partner, and learn that Ken got into cycling via spinning classes related to treatment for depressive tendencies. "It works. When I do it."

On the way up the mountain the next day, in the old coupe that was under the tarp, Ken taking them for a drive and then picnic, we learn Ken has taken his bike up and down this hill and others in the vicinity. He loves the climbs but is a little squeamish on the downhills. He lets Rory lead.

(Later, after Ken's follow-up visit to Carol's in Seattle a few months later, Ken has a crash on a descent that leads to Carole's prompt flight to Silver City.)

But before this, the day after she returns home from her visit to Ken's, she signs up for a gym membership, that has a trickle down effect on Rhoda (formerly Veronica, though I knew it didn't work), her friend and coffee companion.

That Ken notices the results of her stairmastering and wall-climbing when Carole surprises him after the crash doesn't bother Carol at all.

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