Saturday, June 24, 2017

1724 monrovia in a movie with nick nolte

i'm watching a movie on television.

a younger nick nolte is in the front yard of a house it takes me a moment to realize is the house i call the house i grew up in, my grandmother's, that my grandfather built.

and it's painted a kind of mint green.

it's the beginning of the movie, and maybe the place is in the establishing shot.

my uncle, who grew up in the house, is nearby and i want to get his attention, to rewind the movie to the beginning.

this does not happen. maybe i can't get his attention.

this is my uncle glen, who died a couple years ago.

my other uncle, mike - these are my mom's brothers, for clarity - is not in the dream. (he is alive in prescott, az.)

anyway, nick nolte. the house.

pretty sure i get it.

that house isn't there anymore.

"No interaction with what is harmful..."

more "14" and the heads-up in line 1

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