Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Yi 1303: some stumbling 1

not quite where I want/need to be.

Editor (DeKorne:) Psychologically interpreted, the image depicts forces (unconscious complexes) assembling for integration. Conditions are less than optimum for complete transformation however, and a concentration of will and intent is required. The outcome may be dubious: if this is the only changing line, the new hexagram created is Enthusiasm, with a corresponding line portraying a chronic ailment. The ego’s concentration on the task at hand is not as strong as it could be. Sometimes (rarely perhaps) the line can depict a coerced concentration of energy needful to complete a specific task. It goes without saying that compulsory integrations seldom endure, yet when mandated by the Self, such expedience may be necessary.

9 at 5: Gathering has ranks. Without fault. Not inspiring confidence. Great ever-flowing determination. Regrets go away. When things get out of kilter, then it is best to let them all find their own best fit back again. No use to impose an order, the order has to come fromout the organism itself. Then a strong organic whole will grow again.
(Changes to hex.16)

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