Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yi 1357: midnight blue porsche 911 and that guy, revisited

This dream has me reconsidering (scroll down to) "911 4," in which (to revisit notes logged elsewhere:

It seems more like dusk, onset of evening. 

The 911 is a shade like maybe midnight blue.

And someone else has the keys, a man. We're walking toward the car parked in the lot.

Have I handed over the keys? Who has the keys?

Is this a director? He's going to drive the vehicle?

I offer to sit in back; there's something in the front passenger seat.

Not a lot of space in the rear of a 911. (Not sure that's the point, which seems more about offered accommodation.)

He could be me, of course, but I get the sense of actual "other" who'll be in the driver's seat (now?).  

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