Saturday, May 20, 2017

Yi 1346: on the application of discipline re: the work

where the work in this case is the writing.

sometimes it just flows and it's like you're holding out buckets with which to capture the torrent.

and sometimes you have to dig a well with your bare hands to get to the trickle. and on some of those sometimes it's tempting to walk away and wait for flow and sometimes that is even the better call.

but sometimes those sometimes can be about laziness. the effort requiring a kind of application of focus and intent and willpower that can be a bit of a challenge.

less challenging anyway than putting it down and having a beer or two with sports on tv instead, or whatever distraction that one uses to avoid the more unwieldy aspects of effecting advance.

"oh, it'll be there tomorrow."

maybe. not always. and that can be a bad habit to build.

and while I have learned there are sometimes when a timeout is exactly what's called for - hey, it's a strategy that serves a purpose - I have learned also that sometimes you have to stay and play through it.

push. try harder. don't quit. don't be so quick to acquiesce to the path of least resistance. (which rarely leads one to to the top of the mountain.) (or corner office.) (or anywhere substantive.)

so, there's that balance to be found.

in my experience, at least.

anyway, because it's been this application of "sit-the-bleep-down and just bleeping do it" that has yielded advance lately, I thought I'd ask about it.

(natal saturn in capricorn sextile mars scorpio, by the way.)

Compensating Sacrifice within the context of Discipline.

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