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Yi 1327: return to Monrovia?

call me ridiculous.

Legge: The third line, magnetic, shows one looking at the course of her own life, to advance or recede accordingly.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Contemplation of my life decides the choice between advance and retreat.
Blofeld: By contemplating our own lives, we learn to advance or retreat as required by circumstances.
Liu: Observation of the circumstances of our lives determines whether to advance or retreat.
Ritsema/Karcher: Viewing my birth, advancing, withdrawing.
Shaughnessy: Looking up at my life advancing and retreating.
Cleary (1): Observing personal growth, promoting and repelling.
Cleary (2): … advancing and withdrawing.
Wu: He examines his own life to determine whether to advance or retreat.
Confucius/Legge: She will not err in the path to be pursued. Wilhelm/ Baynes: The right way is not lost. Blofeld: This is the way to keep to the right path. Ritsema/Karcher: Not-yet letting-go tao indeed. Cleary (2): One has not lost the way. Wu: He has not forsaken the principle.
Legge: The magnetic third line at the top of the lower trigram of Receptivity belongs to one of utmost docility. She wishes to act only according to the exigency of the time and circumstances, and will advance or recede accordingly.
Siu: The man contemplates the effects of his actions in relation to the exigencies of the times rather than indulging in idle speculations. Only in this way is he able to formulate useful guidelines for behavior.
Wing: In order to make the correct decisions in your life, you must gain objective self-knowledge. This is not accomplished by exploring your own dreams, attitudes, and opinions. These are useless in self-examination. Instead, contemplate your effect upon the world around you. There you will find yourself.
Editor: Illusions of "free-will” to the contrary, it is probably accurate to say that most life experience is not within our control. If this is true, then our only meaningful choice is to determine how the Tao is flowing and then to put ourselves in harmony with it. Ritsema/Karcher's Confucian commentary reminds us of this: “Not-yet letting-go tao indeed.” The oracle is asking you to make a decision based on your own insight. You may regard it as a test.
Self-reflection or--what comes to the same thing--the urge to individuation gathers together what is scattered and multifarious, and exalts it to the original form of the One, the Primordial Man. In this way our existence as separate beings, our former ego nature, is abolished, the circle of consciousness is widened, and because the paradoxes have been made conscious the sources of conflict are dried up. Jung -- Transformation Symbolism in the Mass
A. Examine your options in the matter at hand. What will be the consequences of the choice you contemplate in terms of the goals of the Work?

Line 3 Contemplation of one’s life = a decision to advance or retreat. Changes to (53) Development. An important decision must be made. Taking responsibility for the part you play in succeeding and failing allows you to make better choices. In a past situation one examines the truth of what transpired and comes to understand why things unfold the way they do.

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