Friday, May 12, 2017

Yi 1316: re: a Jason 1

another hunch.


Legge: The third line, dynamic, shows its subject taking no extraordinary precautions against danger, and some in consequence finding opportunity to assail and injure him. There will be evil.
Wilhelm/Baynes: If one is not extremely careful, somebody may come up from behind and strike him. Misfortune.
Blofeld: Unless he takes appropriate precautions, one of his subordinates may slay him -- misfortune!
Liu: If he does not protect himself carefully, someone will stab him in the back. Misfortune.
Ritsema/Karcher: Nowhere Exceeding defending-against it. Adhering, maybe killing it. Pitfall.
Shaughnessy: Not surpassing him but repelling him, following which someone injures him; inauspicious.
Cleary (1): If you do not overcome and forestall it, indulgence will cause harm, which would be unfortunate.
Cleary (2): One does not take precautions in excess, so pursuers attack one. This is unfortunate.
Wu: Ignoring to secure a little excess of protection, he may be fatally wounded. Foreboding.

Confucius/Legge: There will be evil: how great it will be! Wilhelm/Baynes: What a misfortune this is! Blofeld: Were that to happen, it would indeed be misfortune! Ritsema/Karcher: Wherefore a pitfall thus indeed. Cleary (2): Pursuers attack one. How unfortunate! Wu: How can it not be foreboding?
Legge: The subject of line three is too confident in his own strength, and too defiant of the magnetic enemies that seek to hurt him.
Siu: The man is disdainful of weak enemies and does not exercise adequate precautions in the face of apparently insignificant signs. He will be hurt.
Wing: This is a warning. Because you are in the right and things have gone smoothly in the past, you may be tempted to overlook details and become overly confident. Dangers are lurking. They can be avoided with Conscientiousness. Take precautions now.
Editor: The "magnetic enemies" are all of the yin lines in the hexagram, seen here as treacherous adversaries. There is no ambiguity in this line at all -- it is saying in the clearest possible terms to "Watch out!"
We are therefore on safe ground when we speak of a personal part of the psyche consisting of the conscious and controllable elements, and a nonpersonal part consisting of those elements not controlled by the conscious I but superordinated to and acting independently of it, often dominating it and forcing it to act contrary to its desires ... A man in this stage of self-consciousness does not realize as a rule that ideas occur to him without his willing them, that actions are performed through him -- that he is being used by thoughts and impulses arising from something other than his I. M.E. Harding -- Psychic Energy
A. You are vulnerable to harm -- wake up!
B. You have taken no precautions against the threat of attack from unseen quarters. If you are not extremely careful, you're going to get hurt.

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