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Yi 1291: my schedule 1


Legge: The third line, dynamic, shows one moving his thighs, and keeping close hold of those whom he follows. Going forward in this way will cause regret.
Wilhelm/Baynes: The influence shows itself in the thighs. Holds to that which follows it. To continue is humiliating.
Blofeld: Sensation in the thighs. He cleaves so closely to his wife (handmaiden, etc.) that for him to continue in this manner would be shameful.
Liu: Stimulation in the thighs. If he insists on following, he will be humiliated.
Ritsema/Karcher: Conjoining one's thighs. Holding-on-to one's following. Going abashed.
Shaughnessy: Feeling his calf: thigh: holding to his follower; distress.
Cleary (1): Sensing in the thighs; when persistence turns to indulgence, to go on is shameful.
Cleary (2): Sensing in the thighs, when clinging is following, to go on brings shame.
Wu: He moves his thighs and stays close to those he follows. He will regret if he keeps going forward.
Confucius/Legge: "He moves his thighs" -- he still doesn't want to rest in his place. His will is set on following others -- what he holds in his grasp is low. Wilhelm/Baynes: For he cannot keep still. When the will is directed to things that one's followers hold to, this is very base. Blofeld: Sensation in the thighs also denotes restlessness; while being guided by the will of a wife (or subordinate) involves clinging to what is inferior. Ritsema/Karcher: Truly not abiding indeed. Purpose located-in following people. A place to hold-on-to the below indeed. Cleary (2): Is also not staying put; the aim is in following others; what is clung to is low. Wu: Like his predecessors, he does not want to stay put either. His desire to follow people shows whatever he holds is low.
Legge: The attempt to move the thighs is inauspicious. The dynamic third line, in a dynamic place, wants to run after line four, which is said here to be the seat of the mind. He exercises his influence with an inferior purpose. "What he holds in his grasp is low" is understood to refer to the magnetic first and second lines. "Following" leads the mind to the lines above. "Low" is understood in the sense of "mean."
Siu: A person should refrain from running after those he would like to influence, yielding to the whims of his master, and acquiescing to the moods of his own heart. Personal inhibition should constitute the basis for the enjoyment of granted freedom.
Wing: You must gain control of yourself. Don't run this way and that on impulse in an attempt to influence others or indulge in your many whims. You will ultimately be humiliated by such unconsidered actions. Set up a few inhibitions for yourself and operate within these limitations while you develop some self-control.
Editor: Mr. Legge, a proper Victorian, did not bring out the earthy imagery of this line to its fullest. If we were to receive this image in a dream it might take the blatantly sexual form of the pelvic thrusting associated with male dogs. When seen in this way the idea behind this line becomes clear.
Hence it is that in men the privy member is disobedient and self-willed, like a creature that will not listen to reason, and because of frenzied appetite bent upon carrying all before it. In women again, for the same reason, what is called the matrix or womb, a living creature within them with a desire for childbearing, if it be left unfruitful beyond the due season, is vexed and aggrieved, and wandering throughout the body and blocking the channels of the breath, by forbidding respiration brings the sufferer to extreme distress and causes all manner of disorders; until at last the Eros of the one and the Desire of the other bring the pair together, pluck as it were the fruit from the tree and sow the plowland of the womb with living creatures still unformed and too small to be seen. Plato -- The Timaeus

Line 3 Influenced in the thigh, humiliation = do not seek low hanging fruit. Changes to (45) Gathering Together. Just because what you desire seems within reach doesn’t mean getting it will make you fulfilled. Don’t be influenced by compulsions or base urges. The attraction is strong and gathers others to you but it may be an unhealthy way of interacting. Gathering Together shows interdependent roots growing stronger through mutual support, not clinging behavior.

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