Sunday, May 7, 2017

Yi 1287: helping British couple travel(ing)

I had seen them in the lounge car of the train on the way home yesterday, the Coast Starlight from San Luis Obispo. They'd been on since Sacramento, having had to "Ambus" there from Seattle. Seventy-somethings, from Oxfordshire. Erudite and rather polite. We and a handful of other southbounders watched the sun set on the ocean, right there, could throw a rock into it if not for the big windows.

Nearing downtown I'd overheard them ask one of the attendants - conductors, maybe? - how to get to Santa Monica from Union Station. The wife knew the schedule, the red line and all that, and had papers about procedures such as procuring tap cards but knowing a little about it and about to take the red line to 7th/Metro, which they'd have to do to get the Expo line, and seeing their vulnerability - elderly, obviously Not From Here, loaded with luggage, etc. - I decided I'd wait when I got off the train and lead them with a Follow Me.

They were aiming for the 26th Street/Bergamot station.

There's a little more re: some tap card assistance - "has anyone ever told you you're an angel?" - but anyway. (Occurred to me after the fact that she'd arrived in the city of them.)

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