Saturday, May 6, 2017

tweeeet: sally loo's wholesome cafe

is where i am, in San Luis Obispo.

My new spot for these getaway days.

Wi-fi and, surprise, a solid IPA, called the The Greatland Special, out of Goleta.

Ordered the tuna melt.

And right off the train, so no more schlepping downtown (for no wi-fi).

Actually, very nice.

Don't know the music playing but it works. Mellow Beck-ish but it ain't.

Been awhile since I've been up; Sally Loo's might get these SLO days back to more frequent.

Art on the walls. Funky cool laid-back. Uncrowded.

Maybe it is Beck.

Cue sandwich arrival. Guess I'll take another of the food pics I thought I'd never take.

Not Beck. A soundalike.

Hungry here.

This is a good beer.

Darn good tuna melt.

More later.


Later now. I asked. The band playing is Blind Pilot.

Yes, Sally Loo's has knocked downtown to the curb. They seem to be coffee-serious, too. College town freshness? Or something. And I can wait til the last minute for the train home.

The IPA meets my stiff requirements. The tuna melt barely stands a chance against not getting ordered next time I come up.

Maybe sometime I'll try to put some of my thoughts on "SLO" into a reasonably coherent if not entirely insightful form.

"Nice to visit" would be a decent lead.

Still, this little gem of a cafe has me reconsidering coming up for a weekend of writing.

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