Saturday, May 6, 2017

train movie 1

train tracks and not much else in the middle of the nowhere desert. distant mountains. a tumbleweed rolls through frame. a needs-work barbed wire fence marks a boundary that seems to parallel the tracks.

whispy clouds high in the blue sky, drifting observers of no-man's land. a hawk streaks across the canvas, quickly enough a dot then invisible.

the tracks hum, barely audible but an enigmatic interruption of the silence until explained by the train, suddenly there where the tracks meet the horizon.

and soon enough audible and larger as it nears, coming straight at us, then upon us, then over us, its metal parts underbelly eclipsing frame.


CHARACTER NUMBER 1 at the modest desk in his/her SLEEPING CAR, gazing out the window, pen in hand and hovering over a yellow legal pad. the desert rolls by.

a dilapidated derelict stone and wood structure captures our first character's attention. s/he cranes his/her neck to see it.

CHARACTER NUMBER 2 enters, a beer in each hand, hands one to character 1 - "thanks" - closes the door to the aisle with his/her newly freed hand, sits down.

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