Tuesday, May 23, 2017

boots: tom wanda phone carson's house 1

Tom in Carson's guest room post self-guided tour.

Wanda calls. (Their ringtone.)

Hey baby.

Sittin' at the desk in the guest room lookin' out the window.

Oh it's nice. Got my own bathroom. Everything alright?

I'm fine.

He said he'd be back around six or seven.

Well, I reckon we'll talk, I'll leave in the mornin'. 

I called her right after I hung up with you. She sounded good. Mabel and Scott are up from the gulf and Patty and Sarah are drivin' down from Tulsa. Sorta get the sense that by the time I get there it'll be a full house.

Well, he mentioned goin' out to breakfast in the mornin', so I'll just head on from there, be in Kerrville 'bout eight hours later.

We'll see how it goes. Maybe exchange emails. How 'bout I give you a call when I'm goin' to bed, letcha know how it went?

I love you too baby.

Okay. Bye bye.

He hangs up.

CUT TO WANDA AT HOME in Laramie, phone on the table.

She stares at the photograph of Carson on the back of a hardcover book she holds in her lap. When she turns it over to the cover we see the title, Last Horse in the Big City, the artwork, the written by Carson Sawyer.

She flips it over back to the photo.


Discipline indeed.

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