Friday, May 12, 2017

sam and willow: sam meets willow: talkinamyself

drives all day throughout the american southwest, "guided" by the recurring dreams he has of finding traces of his lost daughter, missing for two years since her abduction.

she was 16 at the time.

he stays in hotels with bars and drinks himself into a semi-stupor everynight, then gets back to the road the next day.

finds/meets willow in a bar in flagstaff, where she is singing karaoke, having fled the san fernando valley and her meth-head boyfriend. she's staying with her cousin and her cousin's boyfriend.

the song she sings is one sam's daughter loved. he buys her a drink.

she's trying to get to austin, she's a singer/songwriter who can find a few chords on her beat-up acoustic guitar. she's saving to buy a car.

sam is in flagstaff because he hit a deer and needs his SUV repaired; he'll be there a few days until the parts needed arrive.

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