Wednesday, May 10, 2017

sam and willow: (more) meet willow

from here.

got to get this rolling lickety-split so, yeah, dipshit meth-head boyfriend (or ex) is home (in willow's or their apartment) when willow gets home (in a particularly shitty part of the valley). he's whacked out of his mind and decides they're "gonna fuck," not an activity on willow's agenda.

shit hits the fan, he hits willow, almost knocking her out. when he is unbuckling his belt she comes to enough to grab a nearby something-or-other and crack him good, allowing her time to get up, attempt to flee, and the "combat choreographer's" (as it will read in the credits) work with the actors to pay dividends.

willow will get away, with the gun of his she finds and shoots him in the leg with.

she tells him to "call the cops," knowing he won't, 'cause he can't. had better not, anyway.

willow beats a hasty retreat, unaware (of course) that the gun is trackable, allowing dipshit (so i'll call him Todd, i think) to re-enter the story later.

he will not be happy, after the fact, to have met sam (whose daughter was knocked unconscious and abducted), who will find in Todd the pinata of his dark, rage- and pain-fueled dreams.

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