Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sam and Willow: beats TO FLAGSTAFF

We meet Sam in his truck at the tracks as the train arrives and rolls by. Note golf ball-sized soccer ball hanging from rear view mirror. Sam in sunglasses.

Sam at the gas station. The exchange with the young lady, who notes the soccer ball. Sam references his "daughter."

Sam on Tucson's Miracle Mile, the exchange with the police. Reference Hotel Saguaro.

Sam at the hotel bar. Whiskeys and laptop.

Sam in room, "girl missing" on the TV news. Sam turns it off. Falls asleep sitting up on the bed, topples over.

Sam leaving the next morning.

Meet Willow. The apartment. The "boyfriend," the escape.

Willow arrive Union Station. The ticket to Flagstaff.

Willow on the train, night. Reflection in the glass.

Her boyfriend scoring, telling the dealer about the gun Willow took. The gun dealer sold boyfriend. The gun that is trackable. Doh.

Sam arriving hotel.

Sam in hotel bar.

Sam asleep on bed in hotel room. Clothes on.

Willow arrive Flagstaff pre-dawn. Cousin and cousin's boyfriend meet her.

Sam's dream. Following the the trail of his lost daughter's belongings. He wakes.

Sam leaving the hotel, sunrise.

Willow getting the job as cocktail waitress at bar. Mention of karaoke on Saturday nights.

Sam driving, hits an elk south of Flagstaff. His SUV is damaged. The elk is fucked up, and we meet Sam's nine when he retrieves it to walk into the woods to put the elk out of its agony. We hear the shot, then see Sam come out from the woods. A state trooper rolls up on the scene. Sam motions him to come take a look.

Later. Tow truck arriving. The officer handing Sam's gun back to him. Tells Sam he knows who he is. Sam up into the passenger seat of the tow truck. To Flagstaff.

to be cont'd. 

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