Wednesday, May 31, 2017

more dream flight

too much to detail but basics:

introduced when I realized that the road I was walking toward my mother's house in texas didn't fit 'cause I knew I had to be at work the next day (today).

from that lucidity to willed flight, and plenty of it, and more practicing, sort of, with the nuances of hovering, for example, and quick ascent.

some successful navigating of power lines.

will-related, and to do with faith. one leap preceded by my hesitancy reminded me of that.

also, in this one, people saw me and a lot of "did you say that" re: my fly-bys.

this and that but now to just let it wash over me, kind of revisit.

the wind of this flight certainly redirected my attitude of the past couple days to a much better place.

great view of a full moon, among other very spacey elements. this was a good one. "lots."

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