Monday, May 8, 2017

Yi 1292: dream: elevator up arrive

i'm on ground floor.

no experience of waiting. doors opening.

then open.

end dream.


doors opening ground floor.

doors opening my floor.  

Legge: The second line, dynamic, shows its subject exercising forbearance with the ignorant, in which there will be good fortune; and admitting even the goodness of women, which will also be fortunate. He may be described also as a son able to sustain the burden of his family.
Wilhelm/Baynes: To bear with fools in kindliness brings good fortune. To know how to take women brings good fortune. The son is capable of taking charge of the household.
Blofeld: Being gentle with the immature brings good fortune. Taking a wife brings good fortune. Sons will be capable of taking over the household affairs when the strong (young) and the weak (old) are in mutual harmony.
Liu: To treat youth generously brings good fortune. Arranging a marriage brings good fortune. The son can take over the household.
Ritsema/Karcher: Enwrapping Enveloping. Significant. Letting-in the wife. Significant. The son controlling the dwelling.
Shaughnessy: Wrapping folly; auspicious. Sending in the wife; auspicious. The son can marry.
Cleary (1): Taking in darkness is good, taking a wife is good; the heir ably takes over the family affairs.
Cleary (2): It bodes well to embrace the ignorant. It bodes well to take a wife. The child becomes head of the family.
Wu: Accommodating the ignorant is auspicious. It is also auspicious to take a wife. A son will bring prosperity to the family.
Confucius/Legge: He is able to sustain the burden of his family because of the reciprocation between this dynamic line and the magnetic fifth line. Wilhelm/ Baynes: Firm and yielding are in union. Blofeld: [No Confucian commentary on this line, Ed.]Ritsema/Karcher: Solid and Supple articulating indeed. Cleary (2): Firmness and flexibility meeting and joining. Wu: The strong-minded and the softhearted have communicated with each other.
Legge: On the second line, dynamic and in the central place, devolves the task of enlightening the ignorant with forbearance and humility. In proof of his generosity he even receives or learns from weak and ignorant women. He appears as the son taking his father's place.
Siu: The man is tolerant of the ignorant and kind to women. He resembles an official capable of assuming the delegated duties of a prince in directing a large social body with inner strength and outward reserve.
Wing: The person in this position has indeed developed in himself a true appreciation of humanity in all of its folly and beauty. Such a person can lead others with wisdom, compassion, and inspiration, and attain all the success attributed to the great and wise historical leaders.
Editor: Because the I Chingis an empirically valid guide to ethical behavior, we must interpret the sexist imagery in Legge and Wilhelm's version of this line as intrapsychic symbolism. Ignorant: Aspects within the psyche resistant to change. Women: Eros function, emotions, feelings. To "admit even the goodness of women" is to acknowledge those feelings which nurture the psyche. Family:The psyche. Son: The conscious ego. (Father = the Self.) Able to sustain the burden of his family: Able to control psychic impulses.
From Sextus I learned a benevolent disposition, and the example of a family governed in a fatherly manner ... And to tolerate ignorant persons, and those who form opinions without consideration: he had the power of readily accommodating himself to all. Marcus Aurelius
A. You are competent to handle the situation.
B. The image suggests the consciously responsible management of thoughts and feelings.

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