Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DOC 1: dialogue final

We are HERE.

[Having left off with Carson leaving Tom at the house, letting him know when he and Chloe will return.]

We pick up with Doc writing notes. A moment before Carson speaks.

CARSON: He made breakfast.

DOC: What did he make?

CARSON: Huevos rancheros. Told a great story about being a short order cook in El Paso back in his thirties.

DOC: Long story?

CARSON: Actually, yeah. Seems to have a few. Tell's 'em well, too. Fluent in Spanish.

DOC: Carson, if I didn't have a two-thirty I'd gladly extend this a half-hour, on the house.

Carson swings himself out of the recliner, feet on the floor.

CARSON: Doc, if I didn't have a daughter to pick up in El Paso at three I'd take you up on that.

DOC: I can't wait for next week.

"Stripping Away" the extraneous noise in previous iterations.

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