Tuesday, May 16, 2017

boots: tom tours carson's: basics

int. carson's office.

bootsteps nearing. then tom in the doorway. he takes it in but does not enter. finally leaves. bootsteps away.

tom in the doorway of carson's home gym. takes it in, leaves. bootsteps.

carson's (master) bedroom. bootsteps near. then tom in doorway. wavers but enters to view a framed photograph (of carson's mother) on a desk. looks around, leaves. bootsteps away.

chloe's room. tom standing in the doorway. leaves. bootsteps.

tom in the doorway of a cozy reading room, books on shelves. cool lamp at a reading table.

a tv/entertainment room. intimate home theatre-like. big bigscreen. tom's bootsteps. he arrives in the doorway, takes it in.

guest room. tom's hat on desk. suitcase on bed. attached bathroom. he enters, sits at desk, stares out the window.

their ringtone. tom pulls phone from pocket.

chat w/wanda. the cat shows up in the doorway. wanda's call interrupts. tom tells wanda he'll call when he goes to bed.

tom's talk with virginia (at home). she's called to let tom know if it comes up he might stay longer, it's cool with her. she's got friends up and is doing alright. not gonna have ruth's ashes right away.

carson driving. sporty eurosedan, top down. nearing the same spot we met tom nearing carson's house. sunset.

takes a call. (ringtone) sounds like business. (a later call reveals it's his agent.)

ext. carson's house. garage door opens. carson's car appears, he steers it in. garage door closes.

carson sitting in car in garage, pondering. finally picks up his phone, speaks "chloe" into it.

chloe at home. the call. mom comes upstairs. "dad's dad is at dad's house."

carson in car in garage. finally gets out, enters the house.

CUT TO TOM OUT BACK AT THE WALL, smoking a cigarette, staring out at the twinkling lights of nearby homes and the mesilla valley beyond.

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