Saturday, May 27, 2017

Boots: Carson/Tom/Sunset DIALOGUE FINAL

Carson comes out. Tom hears the door opened and extinguishes his half-smoked cigarette.

CARSON: Didn't have to do that.

TOM: Thank you but that's alright, ain't like it's anything good for me. And it ain't right to be smokin' around other people that ain't.

Who told you about me?

Nobody. My wife and I were in a bookstore and I seen one a your books on a table covered in new paperbacks. I was just millin' around passin' the time waitin' for a woman who'd come out with a new cookbook to finish up her talk. My wife loves to cook. Anyway, it was the title that got my attention.

Which was.

Rodeo clown.

So, this was maybe seven years ago.

Yessir. It'll be eight on the eleventh of November. So I opened it up, read a few pages, liked it, went home and looked Seen your website, the wiki page, interviews and such. Seen the pictures of your mother. Did the math pretty easy.

The math.

Carson City?

Carson City. How long have you smoked.

Well, started real early, maybe fifteen, then up til seven eight years ago, started slowin' down. Wasn't feelin' so good. But I'll still have a couple here and there, 'specially if I get nervous.

Are you nervous?


Carson, please. Well, Tom, I am too.

Can't say I was even thinkin' about gettin' off the highway until there I was doin' it.

So you know my mother is dead.

I do.

You probably know quite a bit about me.

I reckon I am at a bit of advantage where that's concerned. Got no idea whatcher mother mighta toldja, nor much recollection of what I mighta toldjer mother.

She told me everything she could remember.

Well, I got no secrets. Answer any question ya got if ya got any.

A couple.


I don't have any siblings out there.

No sir. Carson. You do not.

What was in Mexico that you left for?

Couple a things. One was to work on a ranch down near Sinaloa. Other thing, and the bigger thing, was me havin' an opportunity to get myself cleaned up some.


Drinkin', oh yeah, plenty a that. But other things I'm pretty sure I never mentioned to your mother.


Pain pills. Lots of' em. I had a fall off a horse that busted me up pretty good, made it so it was gettin' hard to work. And turnin' me into somethin' that I didn't wanna become. Friend a mine introduced me to morphine and I sure liked that. But I'd had a buddy who'd come back from Korea and I'd seen one it that had done to him. Anyway, not to bore ya but -

Tom. Not boring.


So, *Heroin.

Yessir. And a few beers turnin' into more beers and whiskey. Tequila. Pills. By the time I met your mom on the set I wasn't in the best a conditions.

I know she had her fun, too.

Your mother was loads a fun. Not sure I was so much.

She never badmouthed you. Not a word. Said there was a fight.

A doozy. Right there on a dock out over Lake Tahoe. We'd been drinkin'.


Yessir. I knew a fella from back home when I was a kid, he had a cousin with an uncle with a big cattle ranch down near, like I said -


That's right.

You were a vaquero.

Once upon a time.

Got cleaned up?

Yessir. Little ironic, today, given the location...

I was going to say.

Things have changed some in the world since then.

I reckon so. You must be hungry. I know I am.

I could eat.

I guess you called Wanda.

I did. And Virginia.

Everything's cool.

All cool.

Why don't we go inside.

Hope you don't mind if I finish my cigarette.

Not at all.

You smoke?

A little weed here and there.


Glass of wine with dinner and a beer at the ballgame.



Play in high school?

Yep? You?

No sir. I was all about the rodeo.

Tell me about it.


Carson goes into house. Tom turns to the sunset and smokes. Carson takes a last look at him through the window, leaves view.

*how ingested?


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