Monday, May 8, 2017

boots: beats part 2 final 2: to "howdy"


Carson passes through his foyer with Frisbee in hand, jingling keys. Enters hallway, leaving view.

We hear the doorbell. (Custom tone?) Three beats before Carson reappears, tentatively, considers going to the door, then cautiously advances toward it.

He looks through the peep-hole.

Tom, as seen through the peep-hole. Cowboy hat on. Truck small at the curb over his shoulder.

Carson pulls back from the peep-hole, perplexed.

Tom at the door, considers pressing the button, does not, takes a step to turn around. Carson opens the door, stopping him. Carson stares at him through the door open wide enough for his face to fit.

Tom stares back, then:

"Howdy. My name is Tom Walker."

Carson considers things for three beats, opens the door, steps backand aside, motions Tom in. Tom, tentative, steps in. Carson takes a good look at Tom's truck then closes the door.

to be cont'd...

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