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boots: carson jackie 1 final dialogue

Carson and Jackie on a bench in a park alongside the Rio Grande. Picacho Peak beyond.

Carson looks out at the river, Jackie has her eyes on Carson. Faint sound of traffic over the bridge. Bird chip. A man and woman, 30ish, approach on the path pushing a stroller.

MAN: Good afternoon.

JACKIE: Good afternoon.

CARSON: Hello.

WOMAN: Have a good day.


MAN/WOMAN: Thanks.

The sound of the stroller wheels fading then finally silenced.

JACKIE: You never really told me how they met.

CARSON: No? I thought I had.

JACKIE: Well, you did say they were on the set, your mother worked in wardrobe and that Tom was a stuntman. Unless it's something you don't want to talk about.

CARSON: Not at all. He's here, good a time as any. So.

She suddenly kisses his cheek. He smiles.

JACKIE: Sorry, interrupted.

Carson kisses her cheek. 

CARSON: Well. It wasn't exactly a love affair.

JACKIE: Where was the set?

CARSON: Nevada. Outside a place called Stagecoach, southeast of Reno.

JACKIE: What was the name of the movie?

CARSON: The Rose of the Rodeo.

JACKIE: Never heard of it.

CARSON: Never released. Ran out of money. I do have a few photographs she took, and a copy of the script.

JACKIE: Pictures of Tom?

CARSON: A few.

JACKIE: I'd love to see them.




JACKIE: Not exactly a love affair.

CARSON: Not so much.

JACKIE: How old was Tom?

CARSON: Twenty-two, same as my mom.

JACKIE: A stuntman.


JACKIE: Like getting shot and falling off clock towers?

CARSON: Mostly riding horses. Posse chases and such. He was a cowboy, rodeo guy, came out from Texas with a friend who knew somebody who was a wrangler for one of the studios. Got 'em jobs pretty quick. Anyway, Tom was doing some body double work for the rodeo scenes. And my mom, like I said, was working in wardrobe. Tom came in for a fit. They had lunch that day. Things progressed rapidly, the movie wrapped, They went to Lake Tahoe, stopped in Carson City on the way and spent the night.

JACKIE: Carson...City.

CARSON: Yep. Get it?


CARSON: They stayed at a place called The Pony Express Hotel. Now it's The Saint Charles, which is what it was called when it was built way back when, eighteen-sixty something.

JACKIE: I've heard of it.

CARSON: My mother used a diaphragm. Ninety-four percent success rate. When I played baseball in high school I asked for number six. My mom cried when I told her why. Anyway. They went to Lake Tahoe, made plans to stay the night there, drive back to Los Angeles the next day.

JACKIE: Tom lived there too?

CARSON: An old house in Burbank he shared with a couple other stuntmen, to quote my mom quoting Tom. In Tahoe they went to a bar and both drank too much. There was an argument. An exchange of unpleasantries, quoting mom again. She decided to go home with a friend who had done makeup for the movie and was in Tahoe on her way home, too. Apparently their parting conversation - Tom's and my mom's, I mean - was loud enough to almost get the police involved.

Carson pauses to wait for an approaching jogger to go by. 

CARSON (CONT'D): A few weeks later she finds out she's pregnant. Doesn't have Tom's number or address. When she finally tracks down the fellow with whom Tom had come out from Texas, a Billy Brewster, he tells her the last time he'd seen Tom was two weeks previously and that Tom had told him he was headed to Mexico.

JACKIE: Did she tell Billy Brewster that she was pregnant?


JACKIE: And no way to track family down?

CARSON: Carson and Ruth were orphans. Twins, by the way.

JACKIE: Really.

CARSON: Ruth was older by eighteen minutes. The couple that adopted and raised them died in a car crash a few months before Tom had gone to Los Angeles. Ruth went to Europe. And that is pretty much the extent of the his history Tom passed onto my mom.


CARSON: Then my mom went home to Denver, moved back in with my grandparents, had me. Et cetera. Most of the rest from there you're familiar with.

JACKIE: Does Tom know she's dead?

CARSON: Yes. But I haven't asked him how he found out.

JACKIE: So he'll leave tomorrow?


JACKIE: And not stay to meet Chloe?

Carson looks at her, smiles, shakes his head.

JACKIE(CONT'D): Does she know he's here?

CARSON: No. Not yet.

She puts her arm around him. He puts his around her, pulls her close.

JACKIE: Your father's in your life.

CARSON: 'Twould seem so.




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