Tuesday, May 30, 2017

boots beats: carson/tom 1b to BREAKFAST

Carson and Tom have their introductory conversation, Carson goes inside to make dinner. Tom excuses himself to finish his cigarette, having already mentioned he smokes when he's nervous.

Cut to Chloe in her room. Dad's ringtone. Carson catches her up. Just finished dinner. Mom enters. Carson wonders if she'd be interested in meeting him. After some hesitation, confirmation. "Dad's dad is at dad's house."

Tom's room. Ending call with Wanda. Carson listens, then enters after Tom's I love you too and goodnight. Carson extends the invitation to stay and meet Chloe, if that's possible and if Tom is interested.

Virginia at home with friends. Tom's ringtone. She of course is supportive of Tom staying and adds that Ruthie would be all for it. Tom nods the "yes" vote to Carson.

Carson searching for and finding the photo booth four-frame of Tom and Carson's mother, beaming 20-somethings. Picture taken in a Reno casino.

Chloe online, finds the street view of Tom and Wanda's house.

Carson walking hall toward Tom's room with the picture but stops and turns around when the light goes out.

Tom's dream. Wakes to sunrise.

Carson and Tom post-breakfast.

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