Sunday, May 7, 2017

boots beats part 2 final 1: to DOORBELL



1. Carson home office. Photo of Chloe. Typing away. Phone call. Sounds like business. A deadline. A personal note. End call. Close screen, Chloe screensaver, log out, leave room.

Kitchen. Carson enters. Cat food and trash bag. Days crossed out to the middle of the month of August on the calendar on the refrigerator. Also on the fridge: A San Luis Obispo postcard affixed by a surfboard magnet. A grocery list (Carson will later remove on his way out).

NMSU coffee mug on a counter. A look into the dining room.

Leaves with the trash.

2. Tom in the truck, stopped in the middle of the hardpack dirt road, engine idling, that gurgling diesel. He's staring at a handsome home bathed Southwestern at the base of foothills of the Organ Mountains.  Ahead of him the road turns onto another of the same kind, leading to another like residence farther down said road. Tom in sunglasses.

A trash bin at the curb down the driveway, near a mailbox.

Out the front door comes Carson with the trash, looking down, oblivious to Tom under after:

Tom hits the gas and drives away.

Carson looks up, follows the truck as it heads toward the next street.

Carson in Tom's rearview mirror and sunglasses.

Tom's truck from Carson's POV as it drives away, makes the turn and heads toward the house farther down.

Carson shields his eyes to watch, then resumes his business, taking the trash to the bin, putting it, walking back up the driveway, watching Tom's truck eclipsed by the house down the other street. He waits for it to come back into view, it does and continues down the road and finally out of view.

He goes back inside.

3. Tom in his truck, parked on the side of the road. Pondering. For an almost uncomfortable length of time before finally starting the engine, making the U-turn.

4. Carson in Chloe's room. Looks for and finds a Frisbee, leaves with it.

5. Tom makes the turn, proceeds slowly back toward Carson's house.

6. Carson's room (master). Art on walls. More Chloe photos. A poster-sized and framed photo that whatever-I-finally-decide-to-name his ex/Chloe's mom took, of Chloe much younger. Specifics to be determined.

Sound of pissing into the toilet in the bathroom, the flush, the water to the sink turned on for four seconds, turned off.

Carson enters,  grabs keys, ballcap, sunglasses, leaves. The lights slowly dim to off.

Foyer. Cat at the front door, as if waiting for company, then suddenly leaves, almost fleeing, a few beats before Carson enters, Frisbee in hand, crosses through into hallway, jingling his keys as he leaves view.



Carson finally reappears from the hallway, stares at the door.

7. Tom on the front porch, at the door. Truck at the curb down from the bins and mailbox.

to be cont'd.

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