Tuesday, May 2, 2017


1. Tom, Wanda, Becky, diner.

2. Tom and Wanda arrive home.

3. The call. "Ruthie's dead."

4. Wanda consoling Tom in bed.

5. Tom leaving next morning. Some itinerary. He'll take 287 down and pick up 25 in Fort Collins.

6. Tom on the road. Entering Colorado.

7. Wanda taking clothes off the line, backyard. Windy. A gust wraps the arms of one of Tom's western-style shirts around her. She goes inside. Tom's call. (Meet their ringtone.)

Tom on a bench in a park with the Arkansas River running through it, in Pueblo, Colorado. A park, it turns out, they've both been in once before. The same bench. He'll send her a picture. Says he just got off the phone with Virginia, who's got good friends up from Houston, and sounded alright. Some information on when they'll have Ruth's ashes. And more on Wanda's cyst removal and how she'll get to the airport for her flight to San Antonio. And the motel in Albuquerque that Tom will be staying that night, Wanda having made the arrangements online.

I love yous.

8. Tom at gas station, watches a young father teach his boy how to use the nozzle and pump. Respective tips of cowboy hats. Asked where he's headed, Tom let's us know "Texas." Turns out the man has family in Odessa. Tom's on his way to Kerrville.

"Business or pleasure?


"Little of both then."


Exchanged drive safes.

9. Tom arrive ABQ motel, sunset. Park, walk to registration office, boots clicking along the asphalt.

10. Tom enter room. Suitcase on bed. Hat and keys on desk. Sits in the chair, removes his boots. Speaks "Wanda" into his phone. "Hey baby, I'm here."

Wanda at home. Hawaii on the laptop. Tom's going to shower, head across the street for dinner, come back and call Wanda, watch some news, call it a day, be up and on the road at sunrise.

I loves yous.

11. Meet Virginia, at home, friends gathered around. Tom's ringtone. She excuses herself. Some catching up. More on when Tom expects to arrive tomorrow.

He's in his room, pajamas, at desk. Raining in Albuquerque.

I love yous.

Tom turns on the TV, lands on the last scene of Shane, to Shane riding away. Tom clicks off the TV.

12. Next morning, sunrise. Tom out of the room, across the lot, drops the key into the slot, crosses to truck, gets in.

Interior truck. Tom starting her up, driving out of the lot, around the corner, out of view.

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