Friday, May 12, 2017

armadilla: tommy and colleen @ the oasis 1

So, they meet (again, after almost forty years)at the racquet club where Colleen, post-shit-hits-fan, is returning tennis balls shot her way by a serve machine. Tommy, a tax and estate attorney, is there having met a client.

It's the "oomph" Colleen adds to every forehand that gets Tommy's attention. Some brief catching up cut short because Tommy has to meet a client in Marble Falls (or wherever). Tommy knows of Colleen's marriage to Jeff, as Jeff was a fairly successful pitcher for the Astros.

Leaving, he hands her his card.

When he gets home he finds his junior high school yearbook in a box in his garage (in Canyon Lake) he has to dig for. Colleen's picture and her handwritten note.

Colleen mentions the meeting to her younger sister Rayleen (in Wimberley): Guess who I ran into today.

Tommy brings it up with his therapist. We learn a little about Tommy's divorce.

Tommy drives by Colleen's house at night. Colleen finds Tommy's website.

Estranged and separated from Jeff, who's at the Van Horn family ranch with his older Brother Bobby, she works up the nerve (aided by a glass of wine) to call Tommy. They agree to meet for lunch at The Oasis on Lake Travis.

It's early August. Gonna be warm, at least. Colleen, whose fashion style would make Martha Stewart envious - perfection from gardening attire to boardroom to ballroom - wears a cream dress that shows off her tanned and toned arms and legs, matching (of course) pumps and a sun hat over designer sunglasses. Watch and necklace. She has removed her wedding ring, thus revealing the pale band of skin where it had lived for a quarter-century.

Tommy in crisp dress shirt, khakis, loafers. Handsome watch.    

to be cont'd...  

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