Wednesday, May 17, 2017

a love story 47: silver city beats revisited: AIRPORT TO DINNER

Carol, we know by the time she lands in Silver City, has flown from Seattle, where she lives, with a transfer in Albuquerque. This visit will be reciprocated a few months later when Ken goes to Seattle.

Carol is in for a long weekend.

The airport. He picks her up.

Chatter about the flight, "beautiful all the way from Albuquerque." The local weather. It was raining in Seattle. "Surprise."

Ken suggests lunch.

Café. Some history of Silver City. "We'll drive by the University (where Ken is an associate art professor) on the way home."

Exterior Ken's house. Neighborhood on a knoll with a view. Then Ken's car into view, into the driveway. "We're home."

Ken's entry room. Jingling of keys, the barking of dogs, the front door open. He leads her in, follows with her suitcase.

Whattaya say we meet the dogs, take the tour, I show you your room.

Carol nods.

Patio meets backyard.  Meet the dogs. Their story. There's a cat, Lucy, but she's a rare sighting. Her history. Ken, letting them in: Let's take Carol for a walk.

Guest room. Bed, chair at desk with view of town and hills, it's own bath. We hear them approaching in the hall, Ken pointing out "the reading room" and then dogs first into the room, followed by Carol and Ken, who sets down her suitcase.

Ken: Hope it works.

Carol: This is lovely.

Ken: I'm making dinner.

Carol: Can I help in any way?

Ken: Yes, you can tell me over a glass of wine all about how your train trip with Brenda to Glacier Park.

Carol: Deal.

Ken: Then I thought maybe a movie after?

Carol nods.

Ken: I have to make a couple phone calls, I don't really know how long they'll take. I need to call my sister back and...not to bore you with details -

Carol: They're not boring.

Ken: She's a talker anyway but, well. Their dog got hit by a car yesterday -

Carol: Oh no.

Ken: My niece is devastated.

Carol: Of course. Sarah.

Ken: Yes. Good memory.

Carol: Poor thing.

Ken: So...

Carol: Ken, I'm sorry to interrupt, but maybe I'll take this opportunity to grab a little cat nap. I barely slept last night and I'd hate to nod off during the movie. Maybe you could wake me in a couple hours.

Ken: How 'bout I set my alarm for three hours from now, because I think I'll follow your lead.

Carol extends her hand.

Carol: Deal.

Ken takes her hand.

Ken: Deal.

They shake.

Ken: Alright, you two, let's go.

The dogs head to the door. The chimes outside the window sing.

Carol: I love the chimes.

Ken: They help.

Carol: I love my room.

Ken: I hope the bed's comfortable.

She presses on it.

Carol: It feels perfect.

Ken; Good. Sweet dreams.

Carol: You too.

He leaves, following the dogs.

She takes it in.


CUT TO: Dinner table. They've finished. Each has a glass of wine. The bottle is on the table. View to the kitchen and the dogs observing from that border. A window to the black of night. Ken is laughing at:

The story Carol is telling about her train trip to Glacier Park. Perhaps a wildlife encounter.

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