Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Yi 1395: Annamarie 97: hot august night?

Yi 1394: Kelli Coupling

Yi 1393: (return to) return to "Elly May"

"Clampett," that is.

DOC 1: dialogue final

We are HERE.

[Having left off with Carson leaving Tom at the house, letting him know when he and Chloe will return.]

We pick up with Doc writing notes. A moment before Carson speaks.

CARSON: He made breakfast.

DOC: What did he make?

CARSON: Huevos rancheros. Told a great story about being a short order cook in El Paso back in his thirties.

DOC: Long story?

CARSON: Actually, yeah. Seems to have a few. Tell's 'em well, too. Fluent in Spanish.

DOC: Carson, if I didn't have a two-thirty I'd gladly extend this a half-hour, on the house.

Carson swings himself out of the recliner, feet on the floor.

CARSON: Doc, if I didn't have a daughter to pick up in El Paso at three I'd take you up on that.

DOC: I can't wait for next week.

"Stripping Away" the extraneous noise in previous iterations.

more dreamhome, another 911

both in here-then-gone images, separately.

house was the usual gorgeous, and something spanish colonial revival mission. particularly cool driveway. i'll take it.

the porsche was yellow (that makes two for the yellow team) that looked very much like this '73 targa that was, like, parked in a driveway under a car port.

proximity-wise I'd say 100 feet away, give or take. 

Yi 1392: Ruidoso: return to the gazebo

In the dream many years ago I am at the gazebo, with at least a couple other people, one of whom mentions I might check out Cloudcroft, which is what cues me to deciding yes, I was in Ruidoso, when I woke and replayed the dream.

Or, probably Ruidoso, anyway. And a bright and sunny day. Very likely summer.

A place I've never been but a place that has been almost force-fed to me in dreams.

Never been there but darn if I didn't find that same exact gazebo in a video clip, someone driving by, on youtube.